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Tom Connor
Aurora Citizen of the Year 2020

"Michael Thompson is running for re-election to Aurora’s Council representing Ward 4. I have known Michael for 8 years and have had several discussions with him about various issues relating to the Town. I have found Michael to be a hard working and dedicated member of Council who is always available to listen to our concerns. We need Michael to be a voice of reason on Council."

Rosalyn & George Gonsalves
Aurora Residents

"For the past twelve years, Michael Thompson has been a voice of reason and a dedicated and thoughtful thinker on Council. Michael is a man of integrity, a Councillor one can trust to help resolve issues that may arise in our community. We are pleased to endorse his candidacy in the up-coming municipal election and wish him well."

Steve Hinder
Former Aurora Councillor and Resident since 1975

"I am pleased to offer my endorsement for Michael Thompson as Councillor for Ward 4. I remember reading Michael’s campaign literature prior to the 2010 election and being impressed with his platform and vision for Aurora.  I recall expressing that opinion in a letter to the editor at the time.

Councillor Thompson demonstrated then and continues today to be a voice of reason around the Council table.  His thoughtful, forward looking, balanced views, have brought leadership to the group.  Michael can separate the facts from the noise and arrive at sound recommendations consistently.  He is in touch with the community, respected by those that follow his work on Council and clearly senses the pulse of the Town.  He is not one to get caught up with the rhetoric, with his focus consistently being what is good for Aurora.  We, as residents of Aurora have benefitted by his conduct, actions, and professionalism.  Councillor Michael Thompson has earned the opportunity to be re-elected to Council as the Ward 4 representative."

Terry Jones
60 Year Aurora Resident

"My endorsement for Michael Thompson Councillor for Ward 4 is value based from over 10 years of working experience with Michael.  This knowledge comes from attending Council Meetings, Public Planning Meetings, serving two terms as a Member of the “Governance Review Committee” and as a participant with the “Financial Advisory Committee” where Michael has served diligently as Chair the past 2 terms. I have witnessed first hand Michael’s passionate commitment serving all Auroran’s during his 12 years tenure as a senior Councillor. All Auroran’s will continue to benefit from his invaluable knowledge of our community, his exemplary experience garnered during his last 3 terms of Council. As Aurora continues to grow and face new challenges I can confirm that Michael provides the strong leadership necessary to tackle these ever more important issues. Michael will continue to serve all Auroran’s best interests with respect and integrity!  It is without hesitation that I fully endorse Michael’s Re-Election to Council." 

Geoffrey Dawe
Former Mayor, Town of Aurora

“I had the pleasure of serving on Town Council with Michael from 2010 to 2018 and prior to that, on the Aurora Public Library Board from 2006 to 2010.


During that time, Michael firmly demonstrated his commitment to the Town. He did his homework and was never satisfied with just going with the flow.  He constantly challenged Staff and Council Members to be better.

Michael’s strong financial background will continue to provide the stability, leadership and business-like approach needed to help guide the Town through the challenges and opportunities over the next four years.


It is my pleasure to endorse Michael for re-election to Aurora Town Council for Ward 4.”

Marilee Harris
Resident of Aurora

"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael on business development related issues over the past 12 years. During that time, he has served as Council representative to both the Economic Development Advisory committees as well as being one of the inaugural council representatives on the board of our Town of Aurora Economic Development Corporation. His strong business experience, financial management and practical common-sense approach has made him a key council member representative on all issues facing the town over this period of time.

The people in Ward 4 are very fortunate to have Michael running again for another term of office. They will benefit from both his personal attention to their local ward issues while being a proven voice of leadership for the town in general."

Tim Jones
Former Town of Aurora Mayor and Councillor

“Ward 4 has some unique challenges in size, complexity and development and I can think of no one better to meet those challenges than Michael Thompson. His experience on Council and proven commitment to our Town prove this out. His support for residents to lessen the density for the Archerhill redevelopment, his speaking out at the Council table on these and other concerns has continually demonstrated his commitment. Michael is accessible and willing to get involved to represent residents in his ward and has proven Council experience in dealing with overall Town issues. I support Michael for Council!"

Gerry Miller
Aurora Resident

"As someone who was born and raised in Aurora I know what it means to be a citizen of this town. Michael Thompson exemplifies what it means to be a citizen of the Town of Aurora. Over the last 12 years Michael has represented everyone in this town as one of our councillors. He has done so unselfishly and with only the best interests of everyone who call Aurora home. His strengths are his commitment to fiscal responsibility and proper use of our tax dollars. He is not afraid to support initiatives such as the revitalization of the downtown core and Library Square recognizing the value these projects bring to our town. Michael works very well with his colleagues and you always see him at town events participating as one of your elected officials. Even though we have changed to a ward system I know Michael will represent the voters in Ward 4 with the same enthusiasm he has represented all voters in Aurora while balancing the interests of the town with his own ward. I fully support Michael Thompson for Councillor of Ward 4."

Marie Rankel
Aurora Resident 

"I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Michael Thompson for over the past 10 years. While serving with Michael on the Aurora Public Library Board I saw firsthand a consistent demonstration of integrity, intelligence, and hard work. It is clear that these qualities along with his unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of Michael’s continued ability to represent the Town of Aurora. I am proud to endorse Michael Thompson for Town of Aurora Councillor - Ward 4."

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