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Being Accountable to You

Municipal government has a greater impact on a resident’s day to day life than any other level of government. 


Council’s responsibilities include: water quality, garbage collection, road and sidewalk maintenance, snow removal, transportation, traffic safety, firefighting, recreational services and the maintenance of parks and walking trails to name just a few. In addition to the delivery of these services, Council must effectively manage the growth of the town, your tax dollars and exercise good judgment on issues impacting our community and the lives of others.

Over the past 12 years I have used my business experience at the Council table to ensure the well-being and interests of the community are being met in an appropriate and fiscally responsible manner.

If re-elected I will continue to apply a business-like approach to build on what has been accomplished thus far. I will continue to focus on the following:

Responsible Financial Management Policies and Practices:

  • Continue the Finance Advisory Committee’s work to ensure fiscally responsible budgets that deliver the broadest range of services at a reasonable cost ​

  • Ensure that we continue to invest in the capital repair and replacement of our infrastructure and facilities to ensure that the quality and degree of service remains high​

  • Maintain oversight and prudent fiscal management of your tax dollars ​

  • Increase development of long-term financial planning initiatives to meet future needs

  • Continue to look for additional operating efficiencies to minimize the impact of growth on taxation

Management of Growth and Development

  • Ensure that residential development is appropriate and characteristic of the neighbourhood and reflects the needs of the community and views of the residents 

  • Continue initiatives initiated last term to revitalize the downtown core.

  • Address infrastructure needs to meet the current and future needs of Aurora’s population

Addressing Our Community's Needs

  • Support initiatives to increase input from our community

  • Continue efforts to improve safety in our neighbourhoods

  • Ensure stewardship for both the environment and our heritage

  • Continue to provide Responsible Leadership

  • Work to attract more businesses to broaden our tax base and create jobs

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